Las fotos que hicieron noticia durante la semana

Te dejamos una colección de imágenes de la Agence France-Presse desde el 7 de diciembre a la actualidad.

- A ^protester stands next to riot policemen getting ready to launch an assault to a barricade held by protesters on Independence Square in Kiev late on December 11, 2013. Ukrainian security forces on Wednesday stormed Kiev's Independence Square which protesters have occupied for over a week but the demonstrators defiantly refused to leave and resisted the police in a tense standoff. Eite Berkut anti-riot police and interior ministry special forces moved against the protestors at around 2:00 am (midnight GMT) in a move that prompted US Secretary of State John Kerry to express "disgust" over the crackdown. AFP PHOTO/ DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV (DMITRY SEREBRYAKOV/AFP)



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